Simplify your life by allowing 2Shred to take care of your shredding, storage and all your document management needs located in the Greater Los Angeles area. 

Document Destruction

 Do you have a regular need for the Greater Los Angeles area?   

Yes ? Just tell us your location and what shredding bin you want  

 Use our free containers for emptying cabinets, for collection and / or sorting.   

No?   We will pick-up asap.   


You are more than welcome to drop off at our location.

Does 2Shred service only businesses? I only have a few boxes

We service every need. We have no minimum for drop offs and a very low minimum for pick-ups 

Are clips, folders, binders ok?  

​Yes, we will take care of it, no matter what. We will recycle as much as possible.  

The shredded paper will be baled and recycled, clips will be recycled with metal, old boxes are gladly given for free to people in need of moving boxes, the rest will be recycled too.​

The Key to 2Shred's bins


The black key is for all consoles and the bins with the locks on the lid. 

The golden key is for the padlocks. 

The silver key is for the locks in the front of the bin.


 2FileIt - A Once and for All Storage Solution for the Greater Los Angeles Area


 We will store boxes of all sizes as well as any non hazardous items that would fit in a 4 x 4 x 8 ft shelf. We will create a searchable indexing list and we will add a storage end date so that you can truly forget about them. You will receive a reminder when we reach this end date. We can pick-up and bring you anything back, anytime you need it.