During COVID-19


Shredding Services

2Shred remains committed to your safety.


We are confident to be able to provide risk-free services by

• Picking up from a contact-free, isolated spot  

• Spraying our bins with a Clorox Bleach solution  

• Keeping our shredding operation behind closed doors 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are in need of shredding. 

2Shred will resume the regular schedule according to official guidelines ASAP.

Home Office Tips

COVID-19 has numerous employees working from home. The secure document collection in locked bins and consoles is for now a remembrance of the past. Any data or confidential information that is handled by remote employees is at a higher risk of security concerns, such as dumpster divers. 

To maintain office confidentiality for telecommuting employees, 2Shred suggests that they be instructed on the safe collection of sensitive data to ensure office confidentiality from their home. 

This can be easily done by implementing a designated “2Shred container”. Simply store important or confidential documents temporarily in a “2Shred Box” or “2Shred Bag” and instruct your team to bring them back to the office to be picked up by 2Shred as soon as your business will be able to reopen.

A few tips from 2Shred on maintaining office security:

· Ensure continued secure interim storage of confidential documents while working remote

· Instruct employees to only use the communication devices and pathways mandated by the company

· Ensure that you have sufficient capacity to securely collect your shredding

· Encourage employees to be prudent and to bring any possible security concerns to your attention

Call us if you need additional lockable containers or if you have any concerns. We are happy to assist in keeping your business safe through this crisis. 

Document Management

Shred it or store it?

Very roughly there are 4 types of documents: 

1. Current -  Those are for  Digitization. Your paper files and records will be scanned and made immediately accessible to you through our electronic document imaging services. This process allows for instantaneous document retrieval by authorized users from anywhere in the world. 

2. Not used but needed -  Those are for Storage. We offer offsite storage at very competitive rates. This results in a more cost effective records management program. You can recapture valuable space by eliminating the need for filing cabinets and boxes on shelves.  

3. Disused -   Those are for Shredding. All documents containing personal information about you, your customers, your employees and your company must be securely destroyed. By law. 2Shred offers economical and efficient document pick-up and drop-off shredding services.

4. Much needed -    Those are for Safe Keeping. Documents hard to replace or permanently needed should be kept safe. We offer you a fire resistant pouch to protect your vital documents from fire damage.