Document Management

Shred it or store it?

Very roughly there are 4 types of documents: 

1. Current -  Those are for  Digitization. Your paper files and records will be scanned and made immediately accessible to you through our electronic document imaging services. This process allows for instantaneous document retrieval by authorized users from anywhere in the world. 

2. Not used but needed -  Those are for Storage. We offer offsite storage at very competitive rates. This results in a more cost effective records management program. You can recapture valuable space by eliminating the need for filing cabinets and boxes on shelves.  

3. Disused -   Those are for Shredding. All documents containing personal information about you, your customers, your employees and your company must be securely destroyed. By law. 2Shred offers economical and efficient document pick-up and drop-off shredding services.

4. Much needed -    Those are for Safe Keeping. Documents hard to replace or permanently needed should be kept safe. We offer you a fire resistant pouch to protect your vital documents from fire damage.