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2Shred & 2FileIt was founded in 2004 and operates with a team specialized in security and law enforcement. Our long-term employees are fingerprinted and background checked.



The main cornerstones of 2Shred & 2 FileIt are security to protect sensitive data, efficient practices to save our clients' resources and innovative recycling programs for a sustainable future.



The facility is under video surveillance and we carry 1 Million liability insurance. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and an AAA rating with the business consumer alliance. 


2Shred saves 4.12 trees, 979 kilowatt hours of energy, 40 gallons of oil and 1672 gallons of water per day on average by recycling paper.


Our Service Schedule in the Greater LA Area

 Streamlining our pick-up service allows us to operate efficiently, offer very competitive rates and a very low minimum. We will make every effort to remain flexible for emergency pick-ups that need to take place on certain days or times. This is our pick-up schedule for your shredding and storage the coming weeks: 

Shred confidential documents

Managing documents containing confidential data is not an option - it's the law.

2Shred & 2FileIt are the certified, responsible & economical solution for your document, whether you need to shred it, store or scan it. 

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Very roughly there are 4 types of documents:

Shredding, Storage, Digitizing Services from 2Shred

1. Current

Those are for  Digitization. Your paper files and records will be scanned and made immediately accessible to you through our electronic document imaging services. This process allows for instantaneous document retrieval by authorized users from anywhere in the world.

2. Not used but needed for a certain amount of time

Those are for Storage. We offer offsite storage at very competitive rates. This results in a more cost effective records management program. You can recapture valuable space by eliminating the need for filing cabinets and boxes on shelves. 

3. Disused & obsolete

 Those are for Shredding. All documents containing personal information about you, your customers, your employees and your company must be securely destroyed. By law. 2Shred offers economical and efficient document pick-up and drop-off destruction services. 

4. Hard to replace, permanently needed

 Those are for Safe Keeping. We offer you a fire resistant pouch to protect your vital documents from fire damage.  

2Shred & 2FileIt have a solution for all your documents.



shredding documents

 All documents containing personal information about you, your customers, your employees and your company must be securely destroyed. By law.

2Shred offers economical and efficient document pick-up and drop-off destruction services.

2 Shred provides confidential and secure document shredding and storage services at very competitive rates for our customers to be law compliant and to maintain an auditable chain of custody.

Holding outdated financial information or personnel records may result in liability issues.

Contact us for cost effective one-time purges or regular pick-up services. 

2Shred provides secure containers in different sizes with locks and keys at no additional charge. 


Storing boxes

 We offer offsite storage at very competitive rates. You can recapture valuable space by eliminating the need for filing cabinets and boxes on shelves. 

 2Shred specializes in archiving transaction records, engineering/scientific files, legal documents and medical records.
Offsite storage is cost effective, by freeing up valuable office space and reducing the amount of employee time spent on managing your records.

Your boxes will be indexed in with a specific shred date assigned to them and once we have reached that day you will be notified. You won’t pay a day too much for storage anymore.


scanning documents

 Your paper files and records will be scanned and made accessible to you through our electronic document imaging services.  

 This not only allows you to search your documents electronically but to recapture valuable space by eliminating the need for filing cabinets and boxes on shelves. 

FAQ Shredding


Document Destruction:
​Do you have a regular need?
 Yes ? Just tell us your location and what bin you want
 No?   We will pick-up asap.

Use our free containers for emptying cabinets, for collection and / or sorting. 
You are more than welcome to drop off at our location.

Does 2Shred service only businesses? I only have a few boxes
​We service every need. We have no minimum for drop offs and a very low minimum for pick-ups 


Are clips, folders, binders ok? 

​Yes, we will take care of it, no matter what. We will recycle as much as possible.

The shredded paper will be baled and recycled, clips will be recycled with metal, old boxes are gladly given for free to people in need of moving boxes, the rest will be recycled too.​

The key to open the 2Shred bins

The black key is for all consoles and the bins with the locks on the lid. 

The golden key is for the padlocks. 

The silver key is for the locks in the front of the bin.


 We will store boxes of all sizes as well as any non hazardous items that would fit in a 4 x 4 x 8 ft shelf. We will create a searchable indexing list and we will add a storage end date so that you can truly forget about them. You will receive a reminder when we reach this end date. We can pick-up and bring you anything back, anytime you need it. 

Buyer Persona

Ms. Bee Smart

Lady drowning in her shredding

 Bee Smart works for the Jack Brothers & Co. It is a small business, so she is entrusted with everything from human resources, accounting, to customer service. She also handles public relations, mostly while walking the dog.  


Even though Ms. Smart is told to keep the office paperless, she is drowning in documents that contain their employees' social security and bank account #, insurance and other information not even their mothers should have. The same is true for their customer data. 

Every new year, when she comes back to work, Bee packs all the paperwork she has collected during the last 12 months, shoves it in a box and stacks the boxes in the bathroom (the bathroom part is new but the hallway is full and so in the small storage unit the company is renting.)

She is wondering, how much longer she can hold it.   


 We offer a practical, efficient and secure solution for each and every one of Bee's files. First we would suggest to get the boxes out of her hallway. When we are done there will be 2 piles, one is to shred, the other is to store. All that will be left for her is one Certificate of Destruction and one index file that lists all boxes stored. And the invoice of course, but that one she will pay gladly. Because unlike the storage facility 2Shred & 2FileIt will do the searching and delivering of a needed file box, as well as the automatic destruction after the predetermined time. Next we would give her a free console in which she can throw everything that contains sensitive data. Whenever we tell her that we will be in her area she checks if it is full yet and then tells us yay or nay.     

The ideal world

Clean your office with the help of 2Shred

The desk, the prime location, holds the files one needs for today. 

 The cabinet in the office keeps everything one currently needs within easy reach.  

 All files one has to store for 7 years are indexed for easy retrieval and stored offsite.  

 Everything else one does not need any longer flows through a secure shred bin which gets exchanged so automatically, one doesn't even notice it anymore. As if by magic. 

 Certificates, deeds, patents, licenses etc. are in one fire-proof and safe location.  

Mr. Will Good

Man standing underneath a wave of documents


Being a lawyer Will Good has to decide daily which case to handle which way. Currently on his desk is a complaint by an actress that the nose  she received in surgery did not look as pretty as the magazine one she had shown the doctor after her surgery. He decided "after" is the key word in this case and now he needs a secure home for the file containing her medical information. Then there is the teen client who was accused of shoplifting a shirt and held for 2 hours during which the major upscale store did not let her call her mom. After 2 hours, when they decided to check the changing room, they found the shirt . This case gets to stay. Whereas the girl who wants to sue her apartment landlord for making her so angry that she kicked out the glass which covered a fire extinguisher, severely cutting her foot in the process will have to disappear too.

Being a sharp lawyer, Will also knows well that having no document management plan is the most expensive way to manage his documents.

We offer a regular pick-up service of nice, big, clean bins to get the no good for nothing files out as quickly as they come in.   

Secure, certified and hassle free.     


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